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Prices for custom Fusion Art pieces are quoted individually.  Please contact us with your size requirements and other details.

Below are our dimensions and prices for standard 5 panel and 3 panel Fusion Art pieces.  If you would like to place an order or request information, please contact us by email , text or telephone. 

We accept payments through PayPal,  personal check, or you can call us with your credit card information (MasterCard/ Visa/American Express/Discover). 

5 Panel Fusion Art

Canvas size            Overall size           Price

12"x16"                 44"x24"                $1300.00
15"x20"                55"x30"                $1950.00
18"x24"                66"x36"                $2625.00
21"x28"                77"x42"                 $3225.00
24"x32"                88"x48"               $3875.00
27"x36"                99"x54"                $4725.00
30"x40"               110x60"                $5650.00
33"x44"                121"x66"             $6750.00
36"x48"               132'x72"                $7850.00

3 Panel Fusion Art

21"x28"                  49"x35"              $2050.00
24"x32"                  56"x40"             $2550.00
27"x36"                   63"x45"             $3075.00
30"x40"                  70"x50"             $3550.00

         Liv Colbert or Ron Colbert
Colbert Studios
     681 Private Road 1207
     Cumby, Texas 75433
     Ron's cell: 903-243-3479
           Liv's cell:  903-408-7223

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