Colbert Studios

A Marriage of Fine Art Photography and Paintings

Fusion Artwork by Ron and Liv Colbert

 A Marriage of Painting and Photography

To customize a Fusion Art piece for your home or office, simply choose one or more images from Liv’s inventory, give us your sizes and preferences, and we will work with you every step of the way to create a custom piece of artwork that will be close to your heart for years to come.

Your artwork begins when Liv shoots, edits, & prints her images. Each of her pieces are hand signed and printed on archival canvas using pigment (Giclee) inks. This process enables Liv to create canvases that are museum quality. All canvases are coated by hand to make them waterproof. The canvas is then stretched onto 1 1/2 inch deep stretcher bars to produce impressive gallery wrapped canvases.

When Ron and Liv are ready to design a new piece of Fusion Art, they begin with blank shapes to arrange the desired conformation and look of the overall piece of art. Then the brainstorming really begins as they determine if they want to extend the photograph onto the painting or to paint a canvas that compliments the photography. Then it is up to Ron to bring their collaborative vision to life. After Ron and Liv are satisfied that the Fusion piece is complete, the painting is coated for waterproofing and Ron assembles all the canvases into one secure unit.

After thirty years in the business and many requests from their patrons, these two professional artists have brought their artwork together. The result of this collaboration has created a unique Fusion of painting and photography that is both inspiring and beautiful.

To care for your canvas, simply dust with a soft cloth. A mild soap may be used if canvas is soiled, but never use harsh cleaners.

Please contact Ron or Liv if you have any questions.


Colbert Studios
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